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About us



Chairman of the Global Compact Italian Foundation, which is a body of the United Nations within the Global Compact Program

National President of Cittadinanzattiva, a non-profit organization which promotes civic participation and the protection of citizens' rigths in Italy and Europe

President of the Scientific Committee of Symbola, foundation for Italian qualities

Chairman of Committee of guaranteee of the impartiality of Certiquality

Founding Member of Ergo S.r.l., which is a spin-off enterprise of the Sant'Anna School of Advanced Studies 

Member of the Board of Directors of Fondaca (Active Citizenship Foundation), which is a European think tank created in 2001

Member of the Board of Directors of Fondazione Housing Sociale

Member of the board of directors of EnerGea, which promotes the use of renewable energy sources (geothermal in particular)

Member of Scientific Committee and of Executive Committee of Inter-University Centre CESISP, created by Scuola Superiore Sant'Anna, Faculty of Engineering of Genoa and Turin Polytechnic

Member of Scientific Committee of CRIBE (Interuniversity Research Centre on Biomass for Energy)

Member of Scientific Committee of CSR Manager Network

Member of teaching community of SEC Scuola di Economia Civile

Member of board of directors of Touring Club Italiano

Consultant for Confindustria - Sviluppo Imprese in Sicurezza SIS, the Bank of Italy and Assolombarda (Green Economy Network), on Environmental Management and Health and Safety at work

Director of the II level Master Degree in Environment Management and Control: efficient management of resources of the Sant'Anna School of Advanced Studies



The goal of my research is to blend managerial and technical expertises in the promotion of sustainability principles, both for public and private subjects.

In particular, my research focus lies on the followings areas:

Corporate Sustainability Management

-Entrepreneurship in Smart Cities

-Health and Safety Management

-Public Policies for Sustainable Local Development and Strategic Environmental Assessment

-Stakeholder Engagement

-Sustainability Reporting

-Sustainable Supply-Chain Management

Environmental Management

-Ecological consumption behavior and sustainable lifestyles

-Environmental Economics and management

-Environmental Innovation and Green Technologies

-Environmental Management Systems

-Green Marketing

-Green Procurement

-Industrial ecology and Eco-industrial Parks

-Integrated Pollution Prevention and Control

Resource Efficiency Management

-Climate policies and corporate strategies

-Community participation in sustainable development

-Ecosystem services in a governance and business perspective

-Energy efficiency strategies

-Life-Cycle Management and Product Environmental Footprint

-Market assessment and multicriteria evaluation of green technologies

-Public – Private Partnership

-Waste management and policies

-Science/technology innovation systems